CIS Rome-Floyd School Mentor/Volunteer Program

About the CIS Rome-Floyd School Mentor/Volunteer Program

  • CIS Rome-Floyd administrates this program for Floyd County and Rome City Schools.  
  • Interested individuals may mentor or volunteer at any school in either school system.
  • A mandatory training and background check are required by the two school systems.
  • Trainings are held regularly throughout the academic year.
  • Please see the calendar dates and locations of trainings on this site. 

 Training, Application, and Background Check

  • The purpose of the training is to familiarize potential mentors and volunteers of the rules and procedures. Also, it is to complete the necessary paperwork needed to document your participation.
  • The paperwork process includes completing an application and a form to consent to have a background check processed.
  • This training remains in effect for three years. 

 The Mentor’s Commitment/Role

  • The Mentor commitment is one visit per week at school, usually an hour, 1 on 1 at least for one hour a week on a consistent basis.
  • The commitment is to a specific student for an academic year.
  • The program is school-based. No contact is to be done outside of school grounds.
  • Mentors that have a particular career, hobby or skill can be of great interest to mentees. This can be an automatic common bond in the relationship.    

The Volunteer’s Commitment/Role

  • A Volunteer provides a general service for a school for an academic year. 
  • Service typically will be at one school usually for a class, program, or event (PTO, field trip, etc.)
  • Volunteers are vital resources in our schools. They perform important functions in the classroom, on field trips, and on-site school events.