Student Testimonials

Hey Ms. Veal and the PLC! Even though it’s been two years since I’ve been done with high school, I still catch myself talking about PLC to my members whenever I’m working. I let everybody know that, thanks to the PLC, I was able to continue to achieve my goals that I have in life. However, life always throws curve balls. Since I am a full time employee at Coosa Valley Credit Union and a mommy, it’s been hard for me to go back to school, but I know for sure I will go back to continue my education at Georgia Highlands College. I’ve faced some challenges throughout 2016 and I am still able to call my former teachers, and guess what? They still help me out with whatever I need help. PLC isn’t only a school but the staff there is like family. I remember how much I would say I was ready to be finished but now I look back and wish I was back at PLC with my second family. I forever love the staff of PLC and PLC itself. I’m happy to say I was part of Rome’s 2014-2015 PLC.            — Diana C.                                     

PLC was a great experience. It showed me you can get a second chance in life and to never give up even though your challenge seems impossible. It also made me feel like home when I was there. Now I am attending Shorter University and my major is Nursing. I am also trying to join a fraternity called Delta Sigma Phi.   — Malachi F.

“I get sick a lot and never have perfect attendance.  I like that I get rewarded for when I am here, and not punished for not being here.”   –Shelby M.

“I got to go to the movies because I had perfect attendance.  It was fun!”    –Devon W.

“My whole family came to Donuts with Dad and Muffins with Mom.  I liked getting to spend time with them at school and have them meet my friends”.        –Kalissa F.

“Eating outside for perfect attendance!!”       –Antonio C.