“Habitudes” Program

CIS Rome-Floyd is proud to partner with Rome Middle School on implementing the Habitudes character education program!

Habitudes is a way for community leaders to step in and be the lighthouse many adolescents need to cross the choppy water near the edge of high school’s landing. Habitudes, a mentoring program adopted by Rome Middle School, uses images to relay leadership traits, healthy habits and good attitudes to their students, making school a safe harbor for the young vessels who will carry us into the future with hope and compassion.

This generation is highly visual when it comes to learning and retaining information. Apps like Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, YouTube, Twitter have made the way the younger generation digests information a challenge to teach in the classroom and Habitudes provides the visual elements needed to drive home life skills that soften the sting of adolescence. Also, online materials, such as clips from popular movies, activities and games are used to relate the lessons for students to real-life experiences.  

Dr. Tim Elmore is the president of Growing Leaders, a non-profit organization based in Atlanta, Ga. that is committed to helping young people become leaders who serve with compassion and problem-solving skills. Dr. Elmore has written over 30 books to assist people with the tools necessary to become leaders and helpful members of society. He has also developed the lesson plans for Habitudes, a program anyone can use and—based on research—most kids respond to well.

If you are interested in being a Habitudes Community Facilitator the requirements are as follows: a background check, an one hour Habitudes training, and a commitment of roughly one hour per month to present the lesson in a classroom. It is really a small amount of time to give for such a huge benefit to our students.

You may contact Communities in Schools or Rome City Schools at 706-236-5050 for more information.