Phoenix Performance Learning Center (PLC)

The Phoenix Performance Learning Center (PLC) is an innovative high school in that students learn in a non-traditional learning setting, with flexible scheduling, being instructed in the classroom by 4 master teachers. Students must satisfy all of the requirements at their base high school. There is a selection process for which students must satisfy to be enrolled.

The CIS Site Coordinator is dedicated to serving the students’ academic and non-academic-related needs. The Coordinator:

  • Manages a new caseload of students every nine weeks (“mini-mester”)
  • Monitors daily attendance and calls families when students are absent
  • Monitors, documents, and evaluates student support and progress (incentive programs, graduation supplies)
  • Assists students with securing employment, post-secondary options, financial aid, mentoring, and community service
  • Maintains student case files through data collection and reporting; monitors pre/post grades, attendance, behavior