Who We Are

CIS Rome-Floyd is guided by the vision of CIS National and CIS Georgia. The work and research that is done nationally and on the statewide level allows our local affiliate to remain abreast of the trends and best practices that are relevant in the student services arena.  
CIS National
Nationally, for nearly 40 years, Communities In Schools has been helping students achieve in school, graduate and go on to bright futures. Please visit communitiesinschools.org
The story of Communities In Schools began in the 1970s, when CIS Founder Bill Milliken, then a youth advocate in New York City, came up with the idea of bringing community resources inside public schools – where they are accessible, coordinated, and accountable. “It’s relationships, not programs, that change children,” Bill once said. “A great program simply creates the environment for healthy relationships to form between adults and children. Young people thrive when adults care about them on a one-to-one level, and when they also have a sense of belonging to a caring community.”
And that’s exactly what Communities In Schools does. Today, we are the nation’s largest and most effective organization dedicated to keeping kids in school and helping them succeed in life. Our unique model positions Site Coordinators inside schools to assess students’ needs and provide resources to help them succeed in the classroom and in life. We partner with local businesses, social service agencies, health care providers and volunteers. Whether it’s food, school supplies, health care, counseling, academic assistance or a positive role model, Communities In Schools is there to help!
CIS Georgia 
Communities In Schools started in Georgia over 30 years ago and is part of the CIS National network. CIS Georgia builds statewide capacity for the network of local affiliates to sustain, grow, and improve educational outcomes for underserved youth.
The state office continues to be an innovator in the CIS network and developed the Performance Learning Centers® (PLCs) concept.  The success of the PLC initiative has led to the program now being expanded to other CIS communities throughout the United States.
Additionally, Communities In Schools of Georgia provides technical support for local affiliates in the following areas:
  • Communities In Schools Affiliate Program Initiation and Development
  • Community Development – building community alliances to develop CIS affiliate programs that work in the interest of our students, parents, and their schools
  • Program Development – strengthening CIS affiliate programs by implementing proven strategies
  • Training and Conferences
  • Technical Support
  • Resource Development
  • Public Relations and Marketing
  • Program Evaluation